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Costa del Sol rally takes to streets as thousands protest in Canary Islands over mass tourism

Adelante Andalucía representative Luis Rodrigo said his group called the demonstration "because we believe that the concerns that the Canarian people are expressing are very similar to those we are experiencing in the region"

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Monday, 22 April 2024, 11:12


The left-wing Adelante Andalucía party has taken a stand against mass tourism in the Canary Islands as well as throughout the region and protested in the streets of Malaga city.

Participants in the rally on Saturday 20 April, following a banner that read "Malaga with the Canary Islands. Andalucía also has a limit", joined the Spanish island in weekend protests calling for a freeze on tourist numbers and arguing the current model has made life unaffordable and environmentally unsustainable for residents.

Adelante Andalucía spokesperson in Málaga Luis Rodrigo said his party supported the protests "because we believe that the concerns the people of the Canary Islands are expressing in the streets right now is very similar to what we are experiencing in Andalucía".

"The people of the Canary Islands are suffering from mass tourism and depletion of their natural resources very similar to that suffered by the people of Andalucía and we have come here to say it clearly: Andalucía has a limit and the Canary Islands has a limit. Mass tourism is drying up our lands," he added.

The Adelante Andalucía leader said protesters in the Canary Islands are calling for a tourist tax to be implemented. "They were one of the laws that we recently proposed in the Andalusian parliament," Rodrigo pointed out. "A law that although it is not a solution to a system that is clearly exhausted and that is causing problems for the vast majority of the population, it is a law that serves as a palliative and that can help us to take a step forward in this fight," he added.

Rodrigo insisted on his support for a tourist tax "to tackle the situation in which businesses, often multinationals, come here to make a killing, and instead take the profits out of our land".

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