El Rico was the only brotherhood that went out on Holy Wednesday despite the rain. Migue Fernández
Malaga bids farewell to storm Norman and wettest Holy Week in eighty years

Malaga bids farewell to storm Norman and wettest Holy Week in eighty years

Of the 45 huge processions scheduled in the city this year some 23 did not take to the streets, the highest number since 1942

Monday, 1 April 2024, 12:16


Yesterday, on Easter Sunday, Malaga bid farewell to the wettest Holy Week in the past eight decades. A total of 23 processions did not take to the streets this year, the highest figure since 1942, when, in the midst of the post-civil war period, the brotherhood phenomenon began to re-emerge after the conflict and the turbulent 1930s, and processions did not happen. This analysis excludes 2020-2021, when the Covid-19 pandemic prevented any worship during Easter.

Until now, 2011 was the worst year in terms of processions that could not take to the streets as a result of bad weather. That year 17 processions - 43.5% of the total - were cancelled, according to official data.

This figure has been exceeded in 2024. A total of 23 processions were suspended, 51.1% of the total number. The worst day was Holy Wednesday when only one of the seven brotherhoods carried out their procession. On Palm Sunday, Lágrimas y Favores, Humildad y Paciencia, Dulce Nombre, Humildad, Salutación and Salud were impacted. On Monday, Cautivo, Dolores del Puente, Crucifixión and Pasión did not carry out their processions, while on Holy Thursday, Zamarrilla and Misericordia were forced to stay inside their churches.

On Good Friday, Traslado, Piedad, Sepulcro and Servitas decided not to proceed. Holy Tuesday was the only day last week that was unaffected by the weather. The cancelled processions sparked frustration among church members, as well as economical ramifications on hotels and street stalls.

Special processions as a consolation

However, there is some good news, various brotherhoods still have some special processions to look forward to in Malaga city this year as various churches celebrate anniversaries.

There will be an extraordinary procession of the Cristo del Amor from the Cathedral on 8 June to mark the centenary of the brotherhood; a procession of the Virgen de la Paz, from the Cofradía de la Cena, on 13 July, from the Victoria neighbourhood, also to mark the brotherhood's 100th anniversary; and the transfer of the titular statues of the Hermandad de los Dolores del Puerto de la Torre to the city centre on 14 September for the 75th anniversary of the brotherhood.

There will also be the departure of María Auxiliadora from the Cathedral for the 125th anniversary of her archconfraternity on 21 September; a procession of the Virgen de Dolores y Esperanza on the same day through the streets of Cruz del Humilladero to mark its 25th anniversary in the neighbourhood; the processions to and from the canonical coronation of the image of the Divina Pastora de las Almas on 5 October in the first temple of the diocese; and the procession of Nuestra Señora de Gracia y Esperanza, patron saint of the Cofradía de los Estudiantes, on 19 October for the 75th anniversary.

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