Passengers waiting to check-in at Malaga Airport. / ñito salas

Malaga Airport will be almost as busy as it was pre-pandemic at Easter

The busiest day at the Costa del Sol airport will be Saturday 9 April when 456 flights are scheduled, of which 350 are international

Pilar Martínez

Malaga Airport will be almost as busy as it was pre-pandemic this Easter, as sources say the air traffic is 91% of the level it was at this time in 2019. From now to Monday 18 April there will be 4,424 flights, of which over 3,500 are international, a sign that things are returning to normal now that most countries have lifted their travel restrictions.

The busiest day will be Saturday 9 April, as 456 flights are scheduled, 350 of them from other countries. On Good Friday there will be 430 flights, with 440 on the Saturday and 422 the following day.

Easter 2019 was the last one when mobility was normal, and there were 4,780 flights carrying over 805,000 passengers. Last year there were hardly one thousand flights, and Easter was a time when many countries insisted on travellers isolating when they returned. International air traffic in Malaga was 84% lower at that time than before the coronavirus crisis.

Now circumstances have changed and most European destinations, which account for the majority of flights at Malaga airport, only ask for a form to be filled in before arrival.