Long rainy spell forecast from Sunday

Long rainy spell forecast from Sunday

Malaga city minimum temperatures will drop to 7C tonight with a low probability of showers today


Friday, 2 December 2022, 12:51


Spain´s meterological agency Aemet said eight Spanish provinces will be affected by rain and waves today with locally heavy or persistent rainfall on the southeast coast of the peninsula and Melilla, frost in the Pyrenees and intervals of strong wind in the extreme north of Galicia and points in the south. The forecast for Malaga city today is for a low probability of showers while minimum temperatures will plummet to 7C.

Saturday is expected to be dry in Malaga city until 6pm after which there is a 65 per cent chance of rain. In more westerly, coastal and inland, areas this percentage rises to 90 per cent. Temperatures will range from a minimum of 11C to a maximum of 18C.

According to meteorologists, the early hours of Sunday morning will mark the start of a long rainy spell. The interaction between a squall over the Azores and a mass of cold air to the north of the peninsula will bring the first rainfall to the western provinces. José Luis Escudero, in his blog 'Tormentas y rayos' (Storms and lightning), explains that the highest probability will be on Sunday at dawn and later in the morning.

For the coming week rainfall is expected on Tuesday, with an 80 per cent probability of further rainfall on Thursday. Over the next two weeks the accumulated rainfall could exceed 100mm in most of the western half of Andalucía.

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