Paco de la Torre celebrates his majority in Malaga city. Salvador Salas
Local election results in the province of Malaga
Local elections 2023

Local election results in the province of Malaga

The PP repeats its overall majorities in Estepona and Fuengirola, the PSOE wins by one seat in Mijas but Benalmádena will have a new PP mayor


Sunday, 28 May 2023


As the election results trickled in on Sunday evening candidates across the province of Malaga began to get an idea of how the seats on their councils would be shared out among the different political parties over the next four years.


PP's Margarita del Cid won a landslide victory in Torremolinos, gaining eight extra seats taking the party up to 17, an overall majority. Maribel Tocón's PSOE has plummeted from 8 to 5 seats and 18.41% of the votes.


All change in Benalmádena as PP gains overall majority and sends Socialist mayor Víctor Navas into the opposition.

The PP won 13 seats (6 more than in 2019) meaning that candidate Juan Antonio Lara will be the new mayor; Navas's PSOE won nine seats.

Vox retains its two seats in Benalmádena and Con Andalucía has one.


The PP, led by incumbent mayor Ángeles Muñoz, looked at times during election night like it would lose its overall majority in Marbella. However Muñoz's party held on to the 14th seat after a nail-biting evening. Second most-voted party was the PSOE with eight seats, San Pedro party OSP, takes three seats and Vox wins two.


In Mijas the Socialist PSOE was once again the winner of this year's local election with ten seats two more than four years ago, although incumbent mayor Josele González, will need the support of councillors from other groups to be reelected.

The PP stayed with the same number of councillors (nine), Voz gained three, Ciudadanos two and Por Mi Pueblo, one seat.


In Fuengirola residents have once again renewed their confidence in the PP and mayor Ana Mula by giving her another overall majority. Mula's party looks set to gain 15 of the 25 councillors who will make up the new council, the same as in 2019.

The PSOE remains the second mot voted party, albeit at a more than considerable distance. The list led by Carmen Segura gains five councillors, one fewer than four years ago.


The local election results show another absolute majority for the current mayor, the José María García Urbano of the Partido Popular (PP), although he would fall short of the 21 councillors obtained four years ago. The PP obtained 60 per cent of the votes, which would mean 17 councillors, repeating its result of 2011 and 2015

The Estepona Socialist PSOE, led by Emma Molina, won one more councillor, with five, thanks to just under 20 per cent of the votes cast. Hard right party Vox, with Manuel Aguilar at the helm locally, has a representation on the council for the first time with three councillors.

Malaga city

Paco de la Torre will continue for four more years as mayor of Malaga. The PP candidate has won the municipal elections held this Sunday and has regained the absolute majority he lost in 2015, with the emergence of new parties, which forced him to depend on Ciudadanos for the last two mandates.

The results give the eighty-year-old's party 17 councillors, up three on 2019, meaning he no longer needs the support of other parties to be reelected as mayor.


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