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Last of three firefighters injured in Pujerra blaze released from hospital

The Plan Infoca professional, had been admitted to the Virgen del Rocío University Hospital in Seville with second-degree burns after being transferred from Malaga's Regional Hospital


The firefighter who remained in hospital after being seriously burned while working to extinguish the forest fire that broke out last Wednesday in the Malaga municipality of Pujerra has been discharged from hospital.

Meanwhile efforts to control the blaze, officially declared ‘stabilised’ since Friday, continued yesterday, 14 June. Plan Infoca workers have secured 80% of the perimeter of the fire and are concentrating their efforts on hotspots that flare up due to high daytime temperatures and low relative humidity in the area.

On Monday, from early in the morning, six teams of forest firefighters, three operations technicians, four environmental agents and two fire engines were working on the site, totalling 55 ground workers without aerial support; but later it was expanded to 120 firefighters, seven self-pumping vehicles and six aircraft.

Second-degree burns

On Plan Infoca’s Twitter account the brigade reported that of the three workers injured in the forest fire last Thursday, the most serious with second-degree burns, was discharged on Sunday from the Virgen del Rocío University Hospital in Seville, where he had been transferred after initially being admitted to the Burns Unit of the Regional Hospital in Malaga.

The forest firefighter, who is recovering at home, is a resident of Aznalcóllar (Seville) and is based at the Madroñalejo forest defence centre (Cedefo), in the Corredor de la Plata region.

Infoca also confirmed that another of the firefighters who was slightly injured, also with burns, is also recovering at home and a third, who was affected by inhaled smoke, has returned to work.