Juan Marin visited one of the religious brotherhoods in Malaga this week. FRANCIS SILVA
Junta says tourism in Andalucía is almost back to normal levels with some 'spectacular' numbers

Junta says tourism in Andalucía is almost back to normal levels with some 'spectacular' numbers

The regional tourism minister, Juan Marin, says hotel occupancy figures are currently around 78%, rising to 90% when the biggest Easter processions take place

Tuesday, 12 April 2022


They are easily spotted, wearing summer clothes or lugging their suitcases behind them. This week numerous tourists can be seen in the main resorts of Malaga province, as the Junta de Andalucía’s vice-president and tourism minister, Juan Marin, confirmed on Monday, 11 April. In fact, he says the hotel occupancy figures are “spectacular,” rising from 76-78% mid-week to over 90% at the weekend. “Some places are fully booked for this weekend already,” he says.

Marín is confident that the recovery of the tourism sector in the region is well under way, and the figures are similar to pre-pandemic levels. He says there has been a notable number of last-minute bookings: “A lot of travellers, especially from abroad and because of the uncertainty caused by the war in Ukraine, want to visit places which are far from the conflict and they have decided that Spain and Portugal are the answer,” he says, and also points out that it is obvious how this is to the benefit of Andalucía.

Tourists in Malaga.
Tourists in Malaga. SALVADOR SALAS

International tourism

The return of foreign visitors is also very important. “We are convinced that international tourism in Malaga accounts for 30% of the total who are coming now and have booked for the summer, and these figures are very positive,” he says. The climate is still a major attraction for tourists from abroad, as the weather is expected to be good and the temperatures are due to rise later this week.

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