One of the new Malaga metro trains, when they were rolled out in September. Salvador Salas
Junta de Andalucía increases investment in Malaga province by 32% to 615 million euros in 2024, and this is where it will go

Junta de Andalucía increases investment in Malaga province by 32% to 615 million euros in 2024, and this is where it will go

In terms of the investment per inhabitant, Malaga province - which includes the Costa del Sol - is the penultimate of the eight in the region with only Cadiz behind it (333.30 euros)

Antonio M. Romero


Wednesday, 1 November 2023


The Junta de Andalucía plans to invest a total of 615.6 million euros in 2024 in Malaga province. This was included in the region’s budget for next year approved on Tuesday by the governing council and presented at a press conference by the regional minister of Economy, Finance and European Funds, Carolina España. The figure represents an increase of 32% compared to this year, when 466.6 million was invested.

The planned investment in Malaga province, including the Costa del Sol, represents an increase of almost 150 million euros compared to the previous year and 462 million euros more than in 2019 – the first budget of the new PP government in the Junta – and places the province as the second in terms of investment after Seville, according to the data collected in the draft budgets, which will now begin its parliamentary process.

As for the investment per inhabitant, Malaga is the penultimate province in the region with only Cadiz behind it (333.30 euros). The ranking is led by Huelva with 648.1 euros per citizen followed by Almeria (543.9), Granada (540.6), Jaén (514), Cordoba (494.3) and Seville (456).

Key projects

In the accounts for Malaga, 21 million euros is planned for the construction of the metro works to extend line 2 from the suburban line to the Civil Hospital; ten million euros for the reactivation of the construction of the Malaga city auditorium; and 6.4 million euros to make the A-404 road in Alhaurín de la Torre a dual carriageway to connect with the A-7 motorway and help ease daily the traffic jams.


A specific amount does not appear for the construction of the new Malaga hospital – one of the Junta's main investments in the province. Sources explained that it does not appear because it is in the European budget plan from 2024 to 2027, where the total investment of 402 million is recorded, which “is released or arranged depending on the progress of the project”.

Regarding health infrastructures, the budget includes a total of 108.3 million euros for construction and improvement of facilities. This includes projects such as the new health centres in Los Pacos and Nerja, and the reform of the intensive care unit at the Regional Hospital. In addition there are almost ten million euros allocated for primary and community care projects.


For education, there is an investment of 29 million euros planned for primary and secondary educational centres, and vocational training. Plus there will be a 20 million euro investment for the University of Malaga (UMA) and 4.9 million euros for incentives for young researchers from the UMA.


For roads, the budget details a 39-million-euro investment, which includes making the Alhaurín de la Torre road into a dual carriageway; with 12.8 million euros allocated for maintenance, improvement and conservation; the rearrangement of the accesses of the A-367 road in Ronda has a 813,302 euro investment, and a pedestrian walkway will be constructed on the A-355 road in Casapalma with an investment of 405,938 euros.

Plans are also included in the budget for the High Occupancy Bus lane to the Malaga Technology Park; the start of work for the tender of the work of the Malaga-Campillos and Ronda motorway in the Casapalma-Cerralba section; and the diversion of the A-356 from the Trapiche neighborhood in Vélez Málaga.

It is also planned to carry out transport developments in Antequera, Fuengirola and San Pedro Alcántara, as well as at the Malaga city train station. The latter, with an investment of 1.4 million euros, is one of the actions detailed in the Land Plan as promoted by the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre.


In terms of water, there are 10.7 million euros of investment planned of which 2.7 million euros are set to be used to maintain the drinking water supply in a drought situation; plus an additional 53.2 million euros for sanitation and purification.


The budget includes 10.1 million euros to help young people in the agriculture sector, as well as 9.7 million euros for rural roads, 7.6 million euros for irrigation and 5.5 million euros for the modernisation of agricultural holdings

Fuengirola's new judicial headquarters will receive more than half a million euros, while Estepona's will get 174,948 euros; for the co-financing of Paseo de la Farola 236,000 euros is available; 170,000 euros are allocated for the Dolmen Museum; the grape revitalisation plan in the Axarquía will receive 120,000 euros, while the rehabilitation of the Convent of the Trinity is to receive 127,153 euros.

Energy efficiency

In terms of aid for the improvement of energy efficiency, 25 million euros are earmarked, while for the implementation of the regulations on the circular economy the Junta de Andalucía will allocate 7.2 million euros in Malaga.

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