Costa del Sol hoteliers fear shortages due to the national hauliers' strike

The sector has stocks at the moment, but within days there could be a shortage of fruit, vegetables and eggs

Pilar Martínez


Friday, 18 March 2022, 18:23

The strike protest action by hauliers is causing growing concern, especially in the hotel sector where supplies are starting to get low. Javier Hernández, of the Aehcos hoteliers association on the Costa del Sol, makes the position very clear: “It’s an issue which is worrying us a great deal,” he says.

A hotel is a bit like a gigantic house: it needs a constant supply of food and drink. “If things go on as they are at the moment, we will have serious supply problems of basic food items which are perishable and can’t be kept long,” says Hernández, who believes eggs, fruit and vegetables are likely to be the first to run out.

He says hotels normally stock up on products with a longer shelf life once a month, although some have already said they are finding it difficult to buy vegetable oil, even olive oil. “We are hoping for a fast solution to this problem because it is something that concerns us more as each day passes,” he says.

With regard to the areas or hotels which are most affected by the transport workers strike, which is because of the high cost of fuel, Javier Hernández says it varies and depends on the system each establishment uses to fill its cold rooms and food stores.

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