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Half of patients with Covid in Malaga hospitals were admitted for a different reason

Most who are receiving treatment for the virus are over 60 and suffering from cardiac or respiratory problems or cancer

Ángel Escalera

Half of the patients in Malaga hospitals who have Covid were not admitted because of the virus, but were found to have it after a routine test.

Most of those who are in hospital because of the coronavirus are over 60 and are suffering from other conditions as well, such as heart conditions, chronic respiratory illnesses or cancer, although there are some younger people who are very ill with Covid and need treatment. The majority of patients with the virus were vaccinated.

In the case of patients who were admitted for other reasons and then found to have Covid, their operation or exploratory procedure is postponed until they are recovered from the virus. For those who have mild symptoms or none at all, their procedures go ahead but with full safety measures in place. For example, they are always scheduled as the last patient of the day to avoid contamination, and the operating theatre is then fully disinfected.

Increased contagion

The other patients are in hospital because they are badly affected by Covid. “There has been more contagion in recent weeks so we have seen a steady rise in people needing hospital treatment. Although the situation is under control and the number of patients in wards and intensive care units is much lower than in previous waves of the virus, we are concerned about how it is spreading,” said hospital sources. They are worried that the numbers will soar because Malaga is a tourist destination and the annual fair and other major events are coming up.

The number of people admitted to hospital in Malaga rose by 45% between 28 June and 5 July. Epidemiologists and public health experts expect the incidence of the virus to continue increasing in the next two or three weeks because the BA.4 and BA.5 strains of the Omicron variant are so contagious.