Hospital ordered to compensate patient 173,600 euros for loss of vision

The patient was not properly informed of the risks of surgery, the court in Malaga ruled


The Pascual Hospital in Malaga has been ordered to pay a patient 173,600 euros in compensation after his sight deteriorated because of corrective refractive surgery.

The patient, who was nearsighted, had elected to undergo surgery to avoid wearing glasses or contact lenses, however following the surgery his sight failed in 2017 to the extent he was classified as having a severe disability. The court found that Pascual Hospital had not adequately informed him of the risks of surgery.

The judge at the Court of First Instance of Malaga ruled that Pascual Hospital did not explain the risk of suffering corneal ectasia, the progressive thinning of the cornea which can lead to vision loss.

The patient underwent surgery in July 2000 using the Lasik method and again in November 2000. However, his vision began to grow worse and he returned to the hospital in August 2007.

"The documentary evidence is overwhelming. The plaintiff was not informed in any way prior to the second Lasik surgical intervention that was performed, and was only informed, before the first intervention of risks other than the ectasia he finally suffered," the patient’s lawyer argued.

The man is currently unable to perform tasks such as dressing, cooking, washing or moving around by himself. The court awarded him compensation of 173,600 euros to be paid by Pascual Hospital.