A driver recharges his electric vehicle in the car park of a hotel in Malaga province. Ñito Salas
Half of new cars sold in Malaga province are now hybrid or electric models

Half of new cars sold in Malaga province are now hybrid or electric models

More than 8,000 vehicles with zero or eco stickers have been registered this year but the industry wants to see subsidies speeded up

Chus Heredia


Friday, 13 October 2023, 17:02


The sale of electric cars is beginning to see significant increases in the province of Malaga, including the Costa del Sol. However, the cost and logistics of actually recharging them is continuing to hold back sales of pure, 100 per cent electric cars.

There is a sense within the industry locally that, while dealerships are marketing electric cars for today, the consumer still sees them as something for the future.

Of the 17,299 vehicles registered this year in the province, 8,185 qualify for zero emission or eco stickers, which represent almost half. There are no more new sales of B-sticker cars, and certainly none without a label, unless they are on the secondhand market.

However, Juan Peña, vice-president of the Malaga Automotive Association (AMA) explained to SUR that all electric cars are still a long way from mass-market success. In order to increase the popularity of these, Peña highlighted several significant improvements that the industry would like to see.

The first is key: more public charging points. "We have a very poor public charging network. Far behind even countries like Portugal," he said.

Financial aid

The second complaint of Malaga dealers is about public aid and how quickly it can be accessed. The government's Moves incentive plan, to get more people switching to electric, offers both financial aid for buying a vehicle and for installing the recharging point needed at home or in their garage. But Peña is critical that the payout is only made up to two years later.

There are also deductions of up to 15% in personal income tax for hybrids and electrics, which the vehicle owner will only see in the following year's tax return. "It is vital to link any subsidy to the moment of purchase and not afterwards. That would really help boost the electric car market," he explained.

According to latest figures from the National Association of Car and Truck Manufacturers (Anfac), the number of cars with zero and eco stickers has risen by 28% so far this year. Specifically, in the first nine months of the year, 8,185 cars have been registered with these labels with the DGT, the government's traffic authority.


The feeling there are still too many restrictions is one of the factors most influencing the electric vehicle market, especially in terms of the rollout of low-emission zones in the centres of cities and towns with more than 50,000 people.

Malaga city has requested an extension to the rollout deadline until the end of December 2024 and is awaiting a government response. Meanwhile, Marbella expects to approve its low-emission boundaries during October.

According to Anfac data, when we include vehicles in the C category - which can enter low emission zones but cannot be parked on public roads unless they are residents or have a special permit - the total number of registrations this year in the province is 17,299, 4.5% more than last year.

However, both diesel and petrol type C sales have fallen by 38.4% and 3% respectively. Nonetheless, the C type is currently the most popular car in the province.

The type of cars that have seen the greatest growth are electric cars and petrol plug-in hybrids, both zero category, with 53.5% and 51.2% increases respectively.

However, one in three cars in Malaga province would still not be allowed inside the low emission zones. There are still 249,957 cars with no sticker and 289,953 eligible for a B sticker in the province.

The favourite models so far in 2023 in Malaga

Both the motor manufacturers' and dealerships' data agree on what are the top 15 cars sold in Malaga province so far this year. The first, by a long way, with 33% difference is the Dacia Sandero. The second is the Toyota C-HR, a crossover hybrid with a lot of market following. The bronze award goes to the Seat Arona, SUV crossover and urban. Of these top three cars in Malaga province, 707, 469 and 426 were sold in the first nine months of this year. Not far behind these in fourth place is the MG ZS, a compact SUV, with 405 sales. In fifth place is the KIA Sportage with 390 new sales so far in 2023. Following on from these is: Toyota Corolla, Toyota Yaris Cross, Fiat 500, Seat Ibiza, Citroen C4, Renault Clio, Renault Captur, Nissan Qashqai, Opel Corsa and Peugeot 2008.

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