The video appears to show that the two men had a lucky escape. / sur

Viral video of van driver trying to ram two men in Alhaurín triggers police investigation

The vehicle missed the pair by centimetres and they ran off, but police are seeking both of them in connection with an event that allegedly led up to the incident


A video showing a van driver trying to ram two men in Alhaurín del Grande has gone viral on social media. It appears to have been filmed on 29 October at 5.30pm and it looks as though the driver was intending to run the two people over in broad daylight.

The men had a lucky escape, as a corner of the van clipped a nearby wall, knocking it off course, so it missed them by centimetres. That is what can be seen on the video, which has been shared thousands of times.

But the story behind it is gradually being revealed: it has been reported that the two men had just carried out a theft from a local property, where they had gone to look for scrap metal and cables from which they could extract copper.

The owner of the property spotted them, and the thieves drove off in a car. Minutes later, though, they stopped the vehicle and got out. As can be seen in the video, a white van stopped a few metres behind.

One of the owners of the property is then said to have approached the two men on foot, and the three were standing on the pavement beside the wall. The van then revved up and tried to ram the thieves, but just missed them.

The two men who appear to have been targeted ran off in different directions. One escaped by jumping over the fence of a nearby property, and the other headed down the road, pursued by another person who was unable to catch him.

Police now investigating

This video on social media is believed to have been the first the police knew of the incident. They are now trying to find the two thieves, and are believed to know who they are. Or at least one of them, because he had left his documentation in the car they used after the robbery. The investigation is now trying to ascertain the reason the van driver tried to run them over.