National Police officers enter the farm.

Video: National Police raid property after two kidnapped and held at gunpoint for four hours


Three people have been arrested for allegedly beating and holding two individuals to obtain information about a cache of drugs and a stolen weapon

Irene Quirante


Friday, 24 February 2023, 18:17

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Two individuals held at gunpoint for four hours at a property in Alhaurín de la Torre were quizzed by their captors over the theft of a drugs cache.

The men had been summoned to the location where they were beaten and questioned over the theft of a 27-kilo cache of hashish and several weapons, including an AK-47 rifle.

After the ordeal the victims were released on the condition that they would hand over several vehicles to compensate them for the alleged theft of the stash and the weapons. They reported their kidnapping to the National Police who located the property and seized 6.5 kilograms of hashish, a revolver, a sawn-off shotgun and several air guns.

The police operation concluded with the arrest of two men and a woman, aged between 25 and 39, for their alleged involvement in the crimes of illegal detention, injuries, threats, drug trafficking and illegal possession of weapons.

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