One of the vehicles involved in the accident last night. / sur

Three dead and three injured following Christmas Day crash on A-357 in Casarabonela

A sixty-year-old man and two septuagenarian sisters died in the smash at kilometre 34 of the Malaga - Guadalhorce valley road on the evening of 25 December


Three people have died and another three were injured in an accident that happened on the evening of Sunday, 25 December, in the Malaga municipality of Casarabonela.

The crash happened at around 6.30pm at kilometre 34 of the A-357 main road, also known as the Guadalhorce axis, as it passes through the municipality of Casarabonela. The deceased are a sixty-year-old man and two septuagenarian sisters.

The accident occurred on the descent from Carratraca to Zalea, a dangerous section due to the curves and the speed that some vehicles reach on the descent.

For reasons that are still being investigated, one car veered into the opposite lane of the road and collided head-on with another. A third vehicle was involved in the crash after the initial impact.

The crash left three people dead and another three injured victims were transferred to hospital with injuries of different degrees, according to SUR sources.

Emergency services at the scene. / sur

The accident forced the complete closure of the road on several occasions to remove the vehicles involved.

The Guardia Civil’s traffic division has taken over the investigation to clarify the circumstances of the event.