Man threatens to decapitate doctor and nurse with a machete at Coín health centre

The man, who accompanied his injured son who needed stitches, allegedly verbally abused the medics and raised his fists against them


A verbally abusive man who allegedly threatened to punch and kill a doctor and nurse in a Coín health centre has been reported to police.

The man took his son to the medical centre for a wound that needed stitches. However, he threatened the doctor and nurse on duty who were forced to attend to the injured boy despite fearing for their safety.

Along with threatening to decapitate them with a machete, the man also raised his fists against the medics.

The General Union of Workers, UGT, said it condemns the attack in Coín but noted that the health centre lacks any type of security which could protect workers in such circumstances. Daniel Jiménez, the UGT’s representative for the Costa del Sol, called for security guards to be employed.