The protest in Álora. J.R.
Solar farm project protest in Álora

Solar farm project protest in Álora


Locals from the town and other areas of the Guadalhorce valley gathered to demand an "ecological transition" under the slogan 'Renewables yes, but not like this'

Andrea Jiménez


Monday, 27 March 2023, 14:59


Residents of Álora and other areas of the Guadalhorce valley demonstrated in the town’s Fuentearriba Square on Saturday under the slogan 'Renewables yes, but not like this' to demand "an ecological transition" after the proliferation in recent years of photovoltaic megaplant projects.

Protesters are furious as, they said, there are locals "who have not received any notification from the authorities that their properties were included in the projects and many have found out because the developer companies have offered them rental contracts". They said that residents on privately owned land "have no say in where these mega solar plants are proposed, there has been no consultation at any level, they should not find out through the BOE/BOJA (official bulletin) that their properties are going to be expropriated".

The demonstration comes after the recent declaration of a favorable environmental impact by the authorities for the mega-plant project, Faballones/Possets and Carranque electrical substation, and the Zalea project.

Express procedure

The protesters highlighted the recent approval of the "express procedure" of the European Union for the massive implementation of renewables, "by means of which the Environmental Impact Assessment of projects of any size is eliminated", as well as the elimination of a publicly available register of the projects, which removes the only "tool available to citizens to make allegations".

For this reason, they said that they were investigating legal actions "to try to prevent the destruction not only of natural resources, but also of the way of life and cultural identity of our territory".

Community members that took part in the protest included those from Alorasol, Los Llanos, El Chorro, Angosturas and Laja Prieta, the demonstration was also attended by following associations the Athletics Association of Álora, Casarabonela ¡Ni en mi pueblo ni en el tuyo!, Asociación Valle Natural de Río Grande and Plataforma Macrorenovables No.

Energy for northern Europe

Among their demands, the demonstrators offered different reasons against the photovoltaic megaplants, such as the exporting of the produced power

"All the energy will go to northern Europe and will not lower our electricity bill," one speaker said.

Another said: "The proposal to cover Andalucía with solar and wind mega-plants is in direct conflict with investment in rural development, tourism, government transparency and open decision-making, all funded by the European Union"




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