Restaurant near El Caminito del Rey walk wins top national award for sustainability

Restaurant near El Caminito del Rey walk wins top national award for sustainability

The Hospitality of Spain jury highlighted the fact that La Garganta in El Chorro has launched some forty initiatives to reduce its environmental impact

Juan Soto


Tuesday, 17 October 2023, 08:36


The Malaga hospitality industry continues to accumulate recognitions at the national level, proof of its drive and good work. After the prize collected last week by the Daza pastry shop for making the best apple tart in Spain, this time it was the turn of La Garganta restaurant, which will be distinguished by Hospitality of Spain with a national award for the hospitality company most committed to sustainability

For the organisers, the restaurant located in El Chorro, Álora, “is an example of a restaurant that is based, from its conception, on sustainable models”. They detailed that the eaterie, part of a tourist complex, coexists perfectly with the impressive landscape in which it is immersed, the Parque Natural del Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, and which offers “an integrated experience to jointly enjoy the historical heritage and the natural environment”.

Hospitality of Spain noted that the siblings Queco Fernando and Laura have launched forty initiatives aimed at rationalising water consumption, waste management, energy, mobility, carbon footprint or responsible consumption, among others. The use of solar panels for obtaining domestic hot water stands out, the judges said, as well as the use of a very efficient heating system, the reuse of water, the use of light sensors (allowing energy savings of up to 70%), and the provision of waste containers for customers. Also the fusion gastronomy is produced from local products and does not generate waste from used oil.

As proof of its commitment to sustainability and energy saving, the establishment has also been recognised by the climate hospitality programme, promoted by Coca-Cola.

National Hospitality Award winners

Spain's National Hospitality Awards will be held on 7 November in Madrid during an event to honour the work, commitment and professionalism of the selected establishments, companies, institutions, and people who have excelled in aspects such as innovation, sustainability, support for culture, commitment to people with disabilities or social responsibility.

Among the winners are the hotelier Manuel Balseiro (Lugo), Grupo Pescaderías Coruñesas (Madrid), Grupo Trabanco (Asturias), Los Tortillez (Barcelona), Grupo Tándem (Zaragoza), El Xato (Alicante), Maca de Castro (Baleares), Grupo Paraguas (Madrid), Javier Pérez Andrés (Castilla y León), María José San Román (Alicante), Javier Romera, Ecovidrio, Schär, the haute cuisine school of the Francisco de Vitoria University, Antonio García González (Granada) and Luis Suárez de Lezo.

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