Presentation of the Al Andalus Festival in Pizarra. SUR
Pizarra presents a night of alternative pop music at free festival

Pizarra presents a night of alternative pop music at free festival

The Al Andalus Festival will be held on Saturday 22 April and present live entertainment and a craft fair

Andrea Jiménez


Friday, 21 April 2023, 12:51

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Pizarra welcomes a new edition of the Al Andalus Festival, an event that will present different activities, including live entertainment and a craft market.

The festival, which is free, will be held at the municipal swimming pool on Saturday 22 April from 5pm.

The performances, which will take place throughout the evening, will include the Malaga band, Maenoba, who perform hits from the 1990s; Rosy Finch, a local trio popular for their eclectic blend of grunge and sludge music; and Los Punsetes, an indie-pop band from Madrid. Other artistes to perform include Menta, Venturi and Parquesur, all of whom perform alternative rock and pop music.

The craft fair will consist of 12 stalls selling records and music memorabilia, among other things.

The town’s mayor, Félix Lozano, explained that festival first began in memory of an alternative music bar that was popular in the town during the 1990s. Lozano added that the event has “social overtones”, which is why this year it is organised with the collaboration of the local Alzheimer’s association, AEFAS, who will be in charge of the bar and refreshment area.

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