CEIP Maruja Mallo, one of the schools affected by the outbreak. SUR
Water supplies cut after legionella bacteria detected in taps at three Alhaurín schools

Water supplies cut after legionella bacteria detected in taps at three Alhaurín schools

The town mayor has called for 'calmness', as the problem has been 'brought under control'

Andrea Jiménez

Friday, 18 November 2022, 12:14


Three schools in Alhaurín de la Torre have had to cut off their water supply after legionella bacteria was detected in the taps.

The problem was detected on Thursday during routine checks carried out by the Health Department of the municipal authorities. Upon finding the presence of the bacteria, the council commissioned a series of treatment and disinfection works by a specialised company, which included the application of the Surveillance Programme for the Prevention and Control of Legionellosis.

As from today, Friday 18 November, students at the Maruja Mallo, Los Manantiales and Juan Pablo II (El Romeral) schools must wear masks to use the toilets and washrooms while the disinfection work is carried out, which is expected to last for 15 days, according to the town hall.

The town’s mayor, Joaquín Villanova, stressed that the situation has been reported to the management of the aforementioned schools, as well as to the relevant parents' associations, and the health delegation of the provincial authorities.

The council pointed out that the bacteria is airborne spread and cannot be transmitted from person to person, nor can it be transmitted orally, although the decision to cut the supply was taken as a precautionary measure.

The mayor said that he “regretted” the inconvenience caused to students and teachers, and urged “calmness”, since the problem has been “brought under control”, because they have acted in accordance with the correct regulations.

Likewise, the authorities highlighted that the water from the domestic network of the municipality has not been affected, “so it is safe to use”.


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