Moment of the rescue by the Malaga Provincial Fire Brigade. SUR
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Firefighters rescue two dogs 'left to die' inside second-hand clothes container in Malaga town

Local residents who witnessed the rescue said the owner, who has left the area, had previously complained about her pets

Alba Tenza


Sunday, 14 January 2024, 19:39


Barking was the trigger for one of the first rescues of the year by firefighters in Malaga province on 6 January. Three Kings Day gave two dogs abandoned inside a clothes container in Álora a second chance at life thanks to the rescue by the provincial fire brigade (CPB). It was the residents of the town’s El Puente neighbourhood who heard the barking coming from inside the container, so they called the fire brigade.

"I knew the dogs, the owner was a resident of a block next door who, by chance, has left the neighbourhood, I could have opened the door for her dogs and at least given them the opportunity to find a way to live, but she threw them straight into the container to die," Laura Requena, who had heard the owner of these animals complaining on several occasions about her own dogs, told SUR.

Firefighters responded to the call and rescued both dogs using a special tool to open the container. The two canines were in good condition, the fire brigade reported on social media. However, as soon as they were freed, they ran away.

"One of them was in heat, she was prowling around the area until seven in the evening, I tried to catch her but it was impossible," Requena said. Since 7 January, the dogs have not been seen again, so the local residents are waiting to see if they reappear.

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