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Dozens of dogs rescued as two illegal breeders closed down in Malaga

The animals were kept in pairs for breeding purposes in Alhaurín el Grande and the puppies were sold on internet trading platforms

Friday, 3 February 2023, 13:30


Guardia Civil officers have rescued 48 dogs after closing down two illegal dog breeders in Alhaurín el Grande. Two people, both belonging to the same family, are under investigation for animal abuse as the dogs were found with numerous injuries and hernias and their tails had been amputated for aesthetic purposes and without veterinary supervision.

The dogs are all popular breeds including pinschers, dachshunds, French bulldogs, pugs and chihuahuas. After a number of enquiries, investigators found that the suspects were allegedly selling the animals via internet sales portals and identified several advertisements for the sale of animals that are believed to be related to these breeders.

The investigation began last November when the Guardia Civil became aware of a large number of dogs on land in a rural area of Alhaurín el Grande. Following an inspection, the officers drew up a report of an illegal kennel. In the first phase they rescued 25 animals, which were also found to be separated into breeding pairs, in overcrowded and unhygienic kennels.

Continuous breeding

The dogs were rescued and subsequently transferred to an animal shelter where they received veterinary care. Examinations showed that several of the dogs had lesions compatible with systematic confinement and the females had scars from caesarean sections, which indicates continuous breeding activity.

One person was investigated for alleged offences of animal abuse and for illegal breeding.

Later, on 23 January this year, officers inspected another shed belonging to the same family and in which 23 dogs were found, again in overcrowded and unhygienic kennels, according to the police report. The dogs were allegedly being kept without light and ventilation and there was a strong smell of ammonia in the place due to an accumulation of faeces and urine.

In this second rescue, the dogs were taken to an animal centre were they received veterinary care. After this second intervention, Seprona and the Guardia Civil opened an investigation against two members of the same family for alleged continuous animal abuse offences.

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