Two of the undernourished donkeys, tied to an olive tree . Guardia Civil
A dozen potentially dangerous dogs left running loose in Coín are seized by police

A dozen potentially dangerous dogs left running loose in Coín are seized by police

The Guardia Civil also seized ten fighting cocks and 11 donkeys in the same town. All the animals were being kept in unhealthy conditions


Tuesday, 29 November 2022


The Guardia Civil, with the collaboration of Coín Local Police, has intervened in two operations to rescue 37 animals, mainly potentially dangerous dogs, cockerels and donkeys that were in a terrible condition. Some animals also showed clear signs of having been allegedly used for clandestine dog and cockfighting, according to a Guardia Civil statement.

The investigation began in the Fuensanta area of Coín area after reports of illegally organised fights between animals. Officers found that the dogs, some of which were “very aggressive” were released each morning, without muzzles, and remained loose during the day.

The dogs and cockerels were kept in unhealthy conditions, in a building on public urban land, without any administrative authorisation. None of them had the mandatory identification by microchip, health registration or the obligatory insurance in the case of the dogs.

The Guardia Civil said that due to the impossibility of determining the ownership of the animals and the state in which they were found, they removed all of them. In total there were ten Staffordshire bull terriers, two American bulldogs, two German shepherds, a couple of chihuahuas dedicated to breeding, and ten fighting cocks with obvious signs of participation in fights.

The officers also found a donkey with signs of abuse and further investigation led to ten other donkeys being seized from olive groves near Coín in a state of semi-abandonment.

The Guardia Civil stated that these donkeys are owned by a well-known local who left them outdoors tied up by one leg, without water and with little food. This person was investigated for animal abandonment. The donkeys were taken to an animal centre to recover.

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