Plan of the future semi-Olympic pool in Coín. / SUR

Coín town hall puts construction of new swimming pool out to tender

Malaga's provincial authority will finance the half-million-euro-project, which will be ready for competitive use and for the enjoyment of the locals ‘by the summer’

Andrea Jiménez

Coín has announced that it will soon boast a semi-Olympic size outdoor swimming pool, a facility that will be installed at the José Burgos Quintana sports complex.

The town hall has recently put the construction of the new pool out to tender, which will be designed for both competitive swimming and for the enjoyment of the residents, according to the mayor, Francisco Santos.

The pool, which has a budget of 500,000 euros, will be subsidised by the Malaga provincial authority, and will be 12.5 metres by 25 metres, measurements that will allow its approval for sports competitions.

The mayor claimed that one of the most beneficial aspects of the facility will be its location in the recreational area of Los Llanos del Nacimiento.

“Our residents know this area very well and many of us regularly walk around it: we all enjoy this privileged natural environment, where we can combine the use of the swimming pool with the practice of sports, hiking or mountain biking,” Santos explained.

The pool will be complemented by the existing services in the sports complex, which include changing rooms, outdoor showers and shaded green spaces with picnic areas.

“We want to offer quality services to our residents, which is why we have designed this pool in this space. This is the summer pool that Coín and its residents deserve, and it will be a reality by next summer,” said Santos.

Coín has an old outdoor pool (Montes Hoyo), which is currently closed to the public. The mayor explained that the cost of renovating this facility would be similar to the cost of constructing a new one, although sports competitions would not be possible in this pool as it would not meet the requirements.