Coín recovers its traditional Fiesta de la Naranja, which will take place on 14 May

Coín recovers its traditional Fiesta de la Naranja, which will take place on 14 May

The orange festival, which will be held on a Saturday for the first time, will coincide with a speed-painting contest and the Six Hours of Folklore festival

Andrea Jiménez

Tuesday, 10 May 2022, 12:04

Coín is gearing up for La Fiesta de la Naranja, one of the town’s most traditional events, which will return this weekend for the first time since the pandemic struck.

However, this year, the event will take place on a Saturday instead of Sunday as in previous years in order to boost tourism in Coín, a town celebrated for its oranges. Hosting the fiesta on a Saturday is a change that the town hall claim “will be beneficial both for visitors and for the hospitality industry”.

Declared a festival of Tourist Singularity, a distinction granted by the provincial authority to celebrations and festivals that certify the originality and diversity of traditions in the province, the event will take place on Saturday 14 May.

The festivities will get going at 11am in Plaza Alameda, with the inauguration of the craft market, where local businesses will offer their products and services.

Tasting sessions

The festival will include several tasting sessions, including fresh orange juice (12.30pm); orange and cod salad (2pm), and the traditional coineña orange soup (3pm). The tastings will be followed by the award ceremony for the Honorary Orange Prize.

The festival will coincide with two other important cultural events: the Annette Deletaille speed-painting contest, which will be held in the grounds of the Santa María Convent between 9am and 2pm; and the Six Hours of Folklore initiative, which starts at midday and will present a variety of dance performances offered by troupes from different schools in the province.

“We will host the orange festival once again with great enthusiasm and a desire to show the world our gastronomy, and a product as typical of Coín as the orange. The event will also serve to show all the benefits that our town offers as a great tourist destination”, mayor, Francisco Santos, said.



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