A dig site in the Plaza de la Constitución in Cártama. SUR
Archaeological remains found in Cártama town centre are being studied in the UK

Archaeological remains found in Cártama town centre are being studied in the UK

Researchers from the University of Reading are delighted with the well preserved samples taken from what was once a medieval rubbish dump


Wednesday, 15 February 2023, 20:29


For almost two decades a team of archaeologists, led by Francisco Melero of Granada University, have been studying different parts of the central Plaza de la Constitución in the Guadalhorce valley town of Cártama.

They have also been working with the collaboration of external researchers and their current visitors are archaeologists from the University of Reading, England.

The remains that have been collected for later study come from what would have been a rubbish dump in medieval times. "This study will provide us with a great deal of information about the vegetation and fauna that Cártama had in the 13th century," Francisco Melero said.

The researchers are collecting phytoliths - rigid, microscopic structures made of silica, found in some plant tissues and persisting after the decay of the plant.

Whole soil samples are extracted for further study. Melero said the current researchers "came three years ago because they needed raw material for their project. Now they have been able to study these samples in depth and have been surprised by their excellent level of preservation”.

The researchers hope to return to continue learning about the medieval period in Cártama. "In the samples we have been able to identify goat droppings, which tell us what [the goat] ate. The interest in this area is great news for us, as it will allow us to deepen our historical knowledge of the municipality," Melero said.

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