The scene in the court during the trial. SUR
Alhaurín murder trial: 24-year prison sentence for ex-husband and 22 for the hitman who killed her

Alhaurín murder trial: 24-year prison sentence for ex-husband and 22 for the hitman who killed her

The body of Lucía Garrido was found floating the swimming pool of a property in Alhaurín de la Torre property in 2008

Irene Quirante


Tuesday, 14 November 2023, 16:49

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The former-husband of murdered Lucía Garrido, whose corpse appeared floating in the pool of his Alhaurín de la Torre property in 2008, has been thrown behind bars for 24 years.

The hitman he hired was also sentenced to 22 years' prison, according to a Malaga court ruling seen by SUR. The sentencing comes after 15 years and a half and two trials.

Last week a jury found the 48-year-old's ex-husband guilty - as a necessary collaborator in the murder - as well as the man ordered to kill her on the afternoon of 30 April 2008. According to the court verdict, the two executed the crime with "planning, cruelty and coldness" with a clear purpose to end her life.

Lucía Garrido was killed because of information she knew about her former-husband's criminal dealings, according to the court ruling. She suffered gender violence before and after the marriage ended in 2006, and after the break-up, received threats from her ex-partner to leave Los Naranjos finca, where he ran legal and illegal exotic animal breeding operations.

The jury found that prior to the murder, the ex-husband cut off her water and electricity supply and slashed the tyres of her car. It was also found that he hired a hitman to commit the crime and that he cleared the property by removing two guard dogs which could have alerted Lucía Garrido to the presence of strangers.

The prosecution evidence showed she was surprised from behind when she tried to enter the house, without any possibility of defending herself. The hury heard the victim was hit on the head with a brick and then stabbed in the neck before being dumped in the swimming pool where she was found floating dead some hours later.

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