Extinction work continues this Sunday

Perimeter of Alhaurín El Grande fire secured, allowing around 1,000 people to return to their homes

Some 650 properties remain evacuated, as a precautionary measure, while firefighting efforts continue in areas where the fire burns with more force


The early morning was complicated, but the incessant work of the forestry firefighters is starting to bear fruit. Hence, between Saturday night and this Sunday morning (17 July), after the perimeter of the Alhaurín El Grande fire was secured, the return of about a thousand residents to their homes was allowed by the authorities.

At present, some 650 properties still remain evacuated, according to the Junta's Deputy Minister of the Presidency, Public Administration and the Interior, Antonio Sanz.

The mayor of Alhaurín El Grande, Antonia Ledesma, told SUR that in her municipality there are about 600 people displaced from their homes. The second deputy mayor of Alhaurín de la Torre, Manuel López, also told this newspaper that there are another hundred residents evacuated in his town. The people who still cannot return to their homes are those who live in the area of ​​Puerto de Pescadores and El Chorro, in Alhaurín El Grande, as well as in the Pinos de Alhaurín residential development, in Alhaurín de la Torre.

Most concern

The fire zone that concerns most, at the moment, is the one closest to this last area.

On the other hand, the A-404 and A-387 roads have been opened, which had remained closed until this Sunday due to the threat of the flames. "The good news is that no new evacuations have had to be carried out in any of the areas affected by the fire," Sanz confirmed.

More force

This morning there were no longer any active flames in the northern and western sectors of ​​the Alhaurín El Grande and efforts to control the fire are progressing favourably, despite the small reactivation in some areas that happened at dawn. Efforts are currently being concentrated in the area of ​​the mountains closest to the Pinos de Alhaurín residential development, where the fire continues to burn with more force.