File image of the Alhaurín blaze. / SUR

One hundred forest firefighters continue efforts to fully control and extinguish Alhaurín blaze

The Junta de Andalucía has lowered the emergency state to Level 0 and allowed the return of all the people who were still evacuated from their homes


The Junta de Andalucía's Plan Infoca brigade managed to stabilise the forest fire in Alhaurín el Grande on Sunday afternoon, 17 July, after two days of intense work by the more than 400 personnel who have been working to try to put out the flames. As a result, the people who were still evacuated from their homes, around 700 of them, will be able to return after the Andalusian regional government lowered the emergency state to Level 0.

However, despite the good news, the risk of reactivation of hot spots still exists. As a result some 75 members of the Plan Infoca forest fire brigade will continue their efforts to control and extinguish the blaze this Monday morning, 18 July. This number is expected to reach a hundred as the day progresses.

The news that the fire had officially been declared stabilised was communicated by the president of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, on social media networks on Sunday evening. At the same time, he said wanted to thank the "efforts" of the professionals who continue to work to extinguish it.

The possibility that the fire could be stabilised this Sunday had already been predicted this morning by Infoca experts. It was pointed out by the deputy director of the Provincial Operations Centre, Alejandro Molina, although he reminded that they would still have to wait to see how the fire evolved in the next few hours, in which the risk of reactivation of hot spots would increase due to the raised temperatures and decreased relative humidity.