Many beaches were unrecognisable after the storms. salvador salas

From Malaga to Manilva, a round-up of the storm damage in each town along the coast

The government's delegate to Malaga has been speaking to councils along the Costa del Sol and has drawn up an initial report on the worst-affected places



Wednesday, 6 April 2022, 12:16


Nowhere along the Costa del Sol has escaped damage from the recent high winds and strong sea swell and the government’s delegate to Malaga, Javier Salas, has drawn up a report based on his conversations with local councils on Tuesday. This is a round-up of the damage in the towns that suffered most.

Malaga city

Sand was lost from the Poniente, Guadalmar and Malagueta beaches. Beaches are covered with stones at Las Acacias and El Palo. The promenades at Guadalmar, Poniente, Palo and Pedregalejo flooded. Part of a wall collapsed on the seafront at Guadalmar. The sea also demolished a fence and partly flooded the golf course near San Julian beach.


A great deal of sand has been washed away from La Carihuela beach and, especially, Bajondillo.


The beaches of Malapesquera, Santa Ana and Arroyo de la Miel have all lost sand, and the protective breakwaters to the west of Malapesquera have been uncovered. The sea reached the promenade at Las Gaviotas.


Sand has been lost from several areas, and Santa Amalia and San Francisco beaches now have slopes where there were none before. The sea reached some of the beach restaurants, and the Santa Ana beach is now considerably narrower.


Sand was lost from the beach area just in front of the closest properties. The walkways and some beach equipment were damaged and parts of the coastal path need clearing. Practically the whole of Calahonda beach has disappeared. Sewage pipes have been damaged.


The dunes between Cabopino port and La Bajadilla fishing port have been eroded and several walkways have been displaced at Real de Zaragoza and Artola beaches. The waves reached some properties and a few walls collapsed. Several beach restaurants affected. Sand has been lost from the entire beachfront, and the coastal dune has receded.


Apart from La Rada, all the beaches were affected to some extent. Parts of El Cristo and Atalaya Isdabe have suffered erosion. The waves reached the outer walls of some properties, especially in the Villas Andaluzas development. Damage was caused to El Pirata, El Padrón, Salidillo, Benamara, Arena Beach and Casasola beaches. Sewage pipes also damaged.


Sand was lost and there was damage to the whole beach. Long ridges of sand have appeared on Ancha and La Paloma beaches. There was flooding in some residential developments and on land adjoining Playa Ancha.


The waves washed away a great deal of sand from the beaches at Sabinillas and beside the Manilva river.

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