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'Scrapping national bullfighting award is an attack on culture and freedom,' says Malaga provincial president

'Scrapping national bullfighting award is an attack on culture and freedom,' says Malaga provincial president

Francisco Salado, head of Malaga's Diputación, has criticised the government's controversial move to cancel a prize worth 30,000 euros due to "animal welfare concerns"

Antonio M. Romero


Tuesday, 7 May 2024, 08:11


The Spanish government's decision to scrap a national bullfighting award has been branded "an attack on culture and freedom" by Malaga provincial authority president Francisco Salado.

The ministry of culture, led by Ernest Urtasun from the left-wing Sumar political party, scrapped the national bullfighting award last Friday 3 May, prompting the outcry.

Salado, in a message on social media, said: "Bullfighting must be defended for many reasons, but to scrap the National Bullfighting Award is, furthermore, to go against the law once again." Salado contacted the president of the Fundación Toro de Lidia, the bull breeder Victorino Martín, to offer the support of Malaga province in the face of what he considers "a new attack on culture and freedom by a government that is becoming more and more sectarian against those who do not think like them".

The Diputación de Malaga, owner of the La Malagueta bullring, is a staunch defender of the tradition and promotes bullfighting through various initiatives such as cultural events and the provincial bullfighting school.

Animal welfare

In defence of its decision to scrap the 30,000-euro award, the ministry cited the general public's "concern for animal welfare". The news came just after the start of Madrid's San Isidro bullfighting season, during which bullfights are presided over by the regional president, the PP's Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

"What we have done is eliminate a prize related to animal torture, and which involved an expense of public money," said minister Ernest Urtasun.

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