'Alpha males' directors Laura and Alberto Caballero (r), at the script reading of the second season with actors Fernando Gil, Raúl Tejón, Gorka Otxoa and Fele Martínez. Netflix
Filming of the second season of trendy Netflix comedy set for Malaga

Filming of the second season of trendy Netflix comedy set for Malaga

The news comes as Movistar+ premieres the sequel to another series that was shot on the Costa del Sol, in Torremolinos and Mijas

Francisco Griñán


Thursday, 6 April 2023, 12:18


With the arrival of spring, the filming of series by some of the big names among the streaming platforms is underway in Malaga. And Netflix is once again at the top of the list with the Spanish division of the multinational preparing the upcoming filming of the sequel to Machos Alfa (Alpha Males), the fashionable comedy by the Caballero siblings.

At the moment, the exact locations for the filming of the second season of Machos Alfa are unknown, although Netflix has confirmed that the exteriors will be shot in Malaga, Ibiza and Madrid, where filming has already begun. Produced by Contubernio Films and created by Laura and Alberto Caballero, the second season will be shot until June and brings back the original characters of the four friends overwhelmed by today's society of empowered women before whom this quartet feel very lost. The Spanish series is packed with humour, clichés and controversial topics, and places the main characters against the new masculinity unfolding in society.

The comedy premiered on 30 December and, in just 24 hours, became number one in Spain on the Netflix platform, where it remained at the top of the list until another series filmed in Malaga, The Snow Girl, premiered at the end of January. The comedy series will once again have ten episodes and the same cast, including Fernando Gil, María Hervas, Raúl Tejón, Kira Miró, Gorka Otxoa, Paula Gallego, Fele Martínez and Raquel Guerrero.

Meanwhile, last year's productions continue to hit the screens and the latest to premiere is another successful comedy, Sentimos las Molestias (Apologies for the Inconvenience), which has just been released by Movistar+. In its second season, the sixty-something Rafas, played by Antonio Resines and Miguel Rellán, discover the Costa del Sol on a trip to Torremolinos as they try to escape the health and personal problems they are reluctant to accept.

Written and directed by Álvaro Fernández-Armero and Juan Cavestany, the second season of the series features Fernando Colomo, Manuel Galiana and Carmen Arévalo, who form part of the gang of retired people who accompany the main characters on their southern journey via the Pez Espada hotel and the town of Mijas, where the scenes were filmed.

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