One of the areas inside Coín's Ciudad del Cine. / SUR

Filming site for BBC El Dorado series set for new lease of life after council deal

Ciudad del Cine will be improved, reopened and managed by Versus Resorts after coming to an agreement with the Coín town hall


Councillors in Coín have agreed the contract for reopening, improving and managing the Ciudad del Cine site on the outskirts of the town. The complex was used for filming the BBC series El Dorado 30 years ago.

Versus Resort has won the right to run some 8,000 metres of commercial space, 4,000 metres of gardens and a hotel with 170 rooms. The contract is for 50 years with a 90,000-euro annual fee paid to the town.

"This is great news for Coín," said the mayor, Francisco Santos. "Our town and residents deserved a hotel like the one they are planning to put in, which will have up to four stars," he added.