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Farewell to early spring as icy blast set to hit Malaga province this weekend

Farewell to early spring as icy blast set to hit Malaga province this weekend

Thermometers will reach a warm maximum of 24 on Thursday before plummeting eight degrees by Friday

Ignacio Lillo


Monday, 19 February 2024, 16:46


Malaga's early spring-like weather will be no more from Thursday onwards when the what's known as the "Febrerillo el loco" (crazy February) brings icy cold conditions to the province.

From this Monday until Wednesday 21 February, the weather will again be almost spring-like, with 20-21 degrees during the day and 12 at night. On Thursday, the warm terral wind will leave one of the highest maximum temperatures so far this season, with up to 24 degrees expected in Malaga city and in Torremolinos, Vélez and Estepona - nighttime temperatures will be a mild 16 degrees.

"From Thursday night and during the early hours of Friday morning we will be affected by a cold front, which will leave light rainfall in some parts of our province, less likely on the Mediterranean coast and the easternmost area," pointed out José Luis Escudero, Malaga weather expert and writer of the SUR weather blog.

A deep squall that will be located on Friday to the north of the United Kingdom, together with a powerful anticyclone in the Azores, will bring icy cool air, causing maximum and minimum temperatures to drop considerably. "On Friday and Saturday, snow is expected at low altitudes in the north of the peninsula and central area, the wind will also take centre stage, and this will cause the thermal sensation of cold to be greater," he added.

In Malaga, the result is clear: "We'll have to get out the winter clothes again, some of us have already put them away," quipped Escudero. "That's the thing about February, but we've been above average all winter."

Aemet, Spain's met office, forecasts two phases of the cold front: the first on Friday, where the mercury will drop from 24 to 18 degrees in Malaga city and the Costa (from 19 degrees to just 13 in Antequera and other inland areas). The difference will be even greater on Saturday, with a maximum of 16 degrees on the coast and 11 inland.

Monday and Tuesday of next week are also on track to record temperatures within the average range for February, considerably colder than it has been so far this winter.

The change in weather could bring rain to the province at the weekend, but only showers in the Antequera and Serranía de Ronda districts, with apparently little chance of rain on the coast.

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