Part of the reinforcement is made up of 158 trainee officers. SUR
National Police boost numbers with 380 extra officers for Operation Summer in tourist hotspots

National Police boost numbers with 380 extra officers for Operation Summer in tourist hotspots

Surveillance controls will be increased on the roads, at ports, railway stations, airports, beaches, hotels and campsites with the aim of preventing crime in Malaga province during July and August


Wednesday, 13 July 2022


A total of 380 officers, some 158 of them trainee officers, are reinforcing the National Police force in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol under Operation Summer 2022, which is part of the Safe Tourism Plan that the secretary of state for Security implements every summer. This was detailed on Wednesday, 13 July, by the sub-delegate of the government in Malaga, Javier Salas, and the provincial commissioner Enrique Baron Castaño at a press conference.

The aim of this increase in personnel during the months of July and August, Salas said, is the prevention of crimes committed by nationals or foreigners "when travelling and staying in the different tourist attractions in the province of Malaga".

Salas said that the reinforcements would increase public safety in the capital and the rest of the province, "minimising both the risks associated with common crime and those represented by the threat of jihadist terrorism". He added that the increase in officers will allow victims of crime to be attended to efficiently and quickly.

Surveillance and preventive controls will also be increased on the roads, at ports, stations, airports, beaches, hotels and campsites, with officers providing support at events where there is a large concentration of people.

In addition to reinforcing actions aimed at security prevention, the operational plans related to itinerant crime and house burglaries will be intensified in view of the possibility that these will increase in the summer period in second homes or other holiday destinations.

The operation also includes the reinforcement of tourist services through the Foreign Tourist Assistance Service (SATE). The office in Malaga city, in the Plaza de la Marina, is open from Monday to Sunday from 9am to 7pm. This means that anyone who is a victim of a crime can be attended to in their own language by specialised agents.

The press conference also highlighted that the utilities of AlertCops, the free mobile application launched by the ministry of the Interior, which allows citizens to alert them to a criminal act, have been extended. The new version of the app allows tourists to communicate with the police in a hundred languages.




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