Well-known 'influencer' arrested for stabbing a man in the throat in Estepona

The suspect, who is also under investigation for an attempted murder in Marbella, was previously jailed in Sweden after his girlfriend was found dead in a bath in strange circumstances


They had arranged to meet up to settle a debt, but things didn’t go as planned and a 27-year-old has been arrested in Estepona for stabbing another man in the throat; the wound was just two centimetres from the aorta and the victim needed emergency surgery to save his life.

The suspect is a popular influencer in Sweden, where he stood trial and was imprisoned for the death of his girlfriend, who was found dead in a bath in strange circumstances. After serving two years of a jail sentence, he was released after the judicial authorities decided the case had not been proven.

Now, in Spain, the police say he is considered dangerous. He was arrested after arranging to meet a man in the car park of a hotel in Estepona to settle an outstanding debt, but he got out of his car with a knife in his hand. The other man, who realised his intention, tried to run away but was stabbed first in the neck and then in the forearm, causing a 20-centimetre wound.

After the attack, the suspect made his escape and the victim was attended to by an ambulance crew. Although he had lost a great deal of blood the paramedics were able to stabilise him and rush him to hospital.

Officers from the National Police searched the area and found the knife, which had been thrown into undergrowth. They were able to identify the suspect, who had no known address and took extensive security measures to avoid being found. However, on 24 May he was arrested at a hotel in Mijas and remanded in custody, charged with attempted murder.

This was not the first time he had been arrested in this country, or for the same crime. Last year he was investigated in connection with another stabbing, this time in Marbella, at an illegal party at a house in Nagüeles. He is said to have used a broken bottle to injure somebody in the leg. The victim received emergency treatment, first at the Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella and then at the Clínico hospital in Malaga, because the wound had affected his vascular system and his life was in danger. Once he recovered he was also arrested, because during the fight he had stabbed the influencer in the arm.