Installation work on the bridge over the Dos Hermanas stream. SUR

Watch as a new footbridge is swung into position in Estepona as part of the Costa del Sol's coastal walk route

The 22-metre wooden structure was installed as part of Malaga province's Senda Litoral (coastal walk) project, which is now 90 per cent complete in the municipality

Chus Heredia


Wednesday, 31 January 2024, 18:01


A beautifully designed new 22-metre wooden bridge was swung into place as part of Malaga province's Senda Litoral (coastal walk) project in Estepona on Wednesday, following preparatory work that began on Monday. The nine-tonne bridge, made of Nordic pine, is a crucial part of the pedestrian walkway section that runs from Benamara to Playa Baños, in the eastern part of the municipality and it spans the Dos Hermanas stream.

With the installation of this new section, the coastal corridor project in the town continues to advance after the recent completion of another section on the Cristo beach. The latter allows you to travel, uninterruptedly, more than 17 kilometres from Costa Natura to El Saladillo.

The bridge was transported some 1,000 kilometres the site from the Asturian manufacturer. SUR

The Urinci company is developing the walkway in Estepona with a budget of 344,511 euros and plans to finish the project, which is 90% complete, this February. The works have European financing through the Next Generation line.

The Estepona section of the provincial coastal path extends for more than 20 kilometres. The new bridge was made by the Asturian Media Madera company, which also created the 'wavy' wooden pedestrian footbridge over the River Guadalhorce on the western edge of Malaga city.

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