Elton pictured during the murder trial. / MIGUE FERNÁNDEZ

Twenty-year prison sentence for British man who brutally stabbed his Spanish wife to death

Geoffrey Elton admitted, in court, to killing Gloria Tornay at her home in Estepona in 2019, but claimed he remembered nothing about it


A British man, Geoffrey Elton, has been handed a 20-year prison sentence for brutally killing his Spanish wife at her home on the Costa del Sol. Gloria Tornay, originally from Montejaque, in the Serranía de Ronda, was violently murdered in her home in Estepona on the night of 9 March, 2019.

The Provincial Court in Malaga has now ruled that her husband, Elton, will have to serve 20 years and a day in prison after he admitted, in court, stabbing the victim numerous times with a long kitchen knife, ending her life.

Fully responsible for actions

According to the court sentence, which SUR has had access to, the jury came to the conclusion that the defendant, who acknowledged responsibility for the crime during the hearing, was fully responsible for his actions when he brutally killed Gloria. The jury dismissed the defence argument that Elton suffered from a delusional disorder that prevented him from being aware of what he was doing.

Elton had said in court that he did not recollect how it all happened and that all he remembered was that he was angry with Gloria and that he had received WhatsApp messages that could have incited him to kill her. He claimed that he did not recall that he had hit Gloria in the face, or tried to strangle her, as the Public Prosecutor maintained. Nor that he had stabbed her up to eleven times using a 14.5cm long kitchen knife, ending the victim's life.