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Malaga's Thyssen museum partners with Estepona's new cultural centre

Malaga's Thyssen museum partners with Estepona's new cultural centre

The art gallery will advise the town hall on issues such as artistic and cultural management, budgets and accessibility


Friday, 12 August 2022, 09:51


The socio-cultural centre that Estepona town hall is building on Avenida de España, near the lighthouse, will benefit from the management experience of the Museo Carmen Thyssen Malaga, as the result of a collaboration deal.

The project, which bears the hallmark of Salvador Moreno Peralta, will create an extensive balcony overlooking the Mediterranean, a large library, a music conservatory and an exhibition centre with great views of the sea. Javier Ferrer, manager of the art gallery, and the Mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, sealed the agreement on Thursday, 11 August.

The Thyssen museum will provide technical advice to the town hall during the construction of the facilities and will participate in the management of the cultural spaces. This will include managing the distribution of the spaces, accessibility, transport, budgets and, most importantly, the artistic management model which was put out to tender in 2021 for a value of almost 17 million euros.

“We are proud to bring our experience in these eleven years of managing a quality brand like Thyssen Malaga to Estepona town hall. It is a pleasure to work alongside institutions that are so committed and sensitive to culture,” Javier Ferrer said.

Ferrer praised Estepona town hall for its support of the artistic activity of the Museo Carmen Thyssen Malaga in recent years. The collaboration between the two institutions dates back to 2018, when the exhibition Gustavo Doré, traveller through Andalucía, was inaugurated in the town´s Casa de Tejerinas. This March saw the cultural centre host an exhibition of the Alicante painter Juana Francés, intimate anthology (1957-1985).

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