Spain's Supreme Court upholds 20-year prison sentence for British killer

Spain's Supreme Court upholds 20-year prison sentence for British killer

The court has rejected an appeal from Geoffrey Elton in which he claimed he was suffering a mental disorder when he stabbed his wife, Gloria, to death in Estepona

Irene Quirante


Monday, 6 February 2023

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Spain's Supreme Court has upheld a 20-year prison sentence handed to a British man for stabbing his wife to death at their home in Estepona in 2019. The court rejected the appeal filed by his defence claiming that Geoffrey Elton had impaired mental faculties at the time he committed the crime.

According to the court's resolution, to which SUR has had access, Elton murdered his Spanish wife Gloria Tornay on 9 March 2019, stabbing her numerous times with a kitchen knife, after hitting her and trying to suffocate and strangle her.

Elton killed her at a time when the relationship between the couple had deteriorated and Gloria, originally from the village of Montejaque, had informed him of her intention to divorce him.

On the night of the murder, Geoffrey Elton disposed of their mobile phones to prevent his wife from calling for help. He also locked the front door with three separate locks to hinder any possible escape as well as turning lights off at the fuse box to reduce the visibility of the murder.

Significantly, after the police had arrived at the scene, Elton cut his own wrists and asked a police officer to kill him, showing clear remorse. These actions were enough to convince the Supreme Court that he was aware of what he had done and the consequences it would have.

The Supreme Court also revealed that the psychiatric report explored "a possible mental pathology that he could have had, without finding evidence to verify a mental illness that altered the patient's mental capacity, insisting that he knew what he had done and that he had no alterations of any kind", so that "at the time of committing the acts he did not present a disorder".

In addition to the sentence of 20 years in prison for the murder, the court ratified the compensation awarded to the children and relatives of the victim of 330,000 euros.

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