Emma Molina visiting the facilities. / SUR

Socialist councillor complains about facilities in Cancelada

PSOE councillor Emma Molina commented on the poor states of the football pitch and sports centre, as well as the lack of educational facilities


The condition of the football pitch, the state of the sports centre and the lack of educational facilities in the Cancelada area of Estepona were highlighted by PSOE councillor Emma Molina in a statement to the press at the local football ground on Monday last week.

The PP-controlled town hall quickly countered her claims, saying that they were not true.

A spokesperson said that the pitch was regularly maintained and denied that the sports centre was closed, but said that "activities were about to restart in the next few days".

Emma Molina

Molina claimed that since the sports hall has been privatised residents have to pay to use it and, as there is no place for young people to meet, the football pitch is used for drinking sessions and left in a mess which is not cleaned up regularly.

She also said that the plans to expand the cramped secondary school have been paralysed since 2018, despite having a budget of 1,800,000 euros to do so.