Police went to investigate after reports of someone behaving aggressively towards drivers. File image. / sur

Watch as police arrest man who tried to get away by running through traffic on busy main road in Sabinillas

Drivers were forced to screech to a halt to avoid hitting the suspect, who had earlier fallen from the terrace of a second-floor apartment on the Costa del Sol


There were chaotic scenes in Sabinillas, Manilva, on Saturday 17 September, when a man trying to escape from police ran down the busy main road among the traffic. His behaviour earlier had led several people to call the police to report that someone was threatening drivers and had caused damage to cars.

It all began around midday, when the man is reported to have fallen from the terrace of a second-floor apartment on the seafront, for unknown reasons. He was not injured, although an awning over the terrace below was broken as he fell, and once on the ground he picked up some stones and began behaving aggressively to people in passing cars, many of which were forced to stop to avoid running him over.

When the police arrived on the scene they saw him on the stretch of main road just past the tunnel, but when he saw them approaching he began to run down the road among the traffic. They ordered him to stop but he took no notice so they gave chase on foot. He was so desperate to get away that he opened the doors of some vehicles and tried to get in, including one which was moving.

Eventually the officers caught up with the man and he was arrested for disorderly conduct.