Singer Ana Fargas during one of the music therapy sessions. SUR
Music therapy helps stimulate memory in Estepona's nursing homes

Music therapy helps stimulate memory in Estepona's nursing homes

Singer Ana Fargasthe aims to help the older people by using songs that were important to them in their past

David Lerma


Friday, 20 October 2023, 08:42


Professional singer Ana Fargas has started a programme of music therapy in nursing homes and a day centre for people with Alzheimer’s in Estepona. 'El sonido te embellece' (sound embellishes you) is the name of the initiative aimed to help older people and patients to stimulate their memory with songs that were important in their past.

The activity can also help people to manage emotions, it is a social activity and can help people who are living in the same place to foster and strengthen relations, according to the town’s sociocultural councillor, Paula Herrera.

As well as being a professional singer, Fargas is also a trained carer. She has chosen a repertoire of popular songs including copla, boleros, sevillanas and pasodobles. Psychologist Silvia Luna is also involved in the programme and spends two hours a week in each participating centre (Virgen del Carmen Residence, Isdabe Residence for the Elderly and Alzheimer's Day Centre).

Herrera said, "It is a priority for the town hall that the elderly benefit from various activities that improve their quality of life and this programme of music therapy and singing benefits them, taking into account the physical, psychological and social dimension of the human being.”

Fargas explained that the activity is based on the positive influence that music therapy has on active and healthy ageing. "It is about working on the physical and cognitive level, but also the emotions. Here they express themselves, they get emotional. Listening to a recording is not the same as the direct transmission that takes place with them during the activity. It is very interesting.”

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