The moment the man was arrested by National Police. CNP
Man wanted for firing gun at police officer in 2018 arrested in Estepona

Man wanted for firing gun at police officer in 2018 arrested in Estepona


Three police officers were injured when they eventually detained the 33-year-old individual, after he attempted to escape by climbing out of a window

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Monday, 17 April 2023, 16:04


A man wanted for firing a gun at a police officer five years ago and almost killing him has been arrested in Estepona.

Spain's National Police arrested the 33-year-old on Tuesday last week when he attacked again and injured three officers as he tried to escape, the force said in statement.

The individual had been on the run since summer in 2018 when he had turned a gun on officers who tried to arrest him for domestic violence. He fired a shot with a semi-automatic pistol, which narrowly missed the head of one officer. The projectile struck the window of a neighbouring house.

On 11 April, the man tried to escape through a window when officers stormed the property he was living in about 1.30pm. He ran up the stairs and when he reached the third floor tried to escape through the window. He climbed out and hung from an outside pipe, but then gave up as he realised the precarious position he was in.

However, the man tried to escape again and fought with officers, injuring three of them, before he was finally arrested.

The Duty Court of Estepona ordered him to be remanded in custody unconditionally and without bail.

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