One of the roads affected by the Sierra Bermeja fire. / E.P.

Three million euros assigned to repair roads affected by the Sierra Bermeja fire

The works will be carried out on a 20-kilometre stretch of the Estepona-Jubrique road and nine kilometres between Genalguacil and Peñas Blancas


The Diputación, Malaga's provincial council, is to spend 3.1 million euros on repairing two roads in the Serranía de Ronda that were seriously damaged during last year’s fire in the Sierra Bermeja.

The works will be carried out on a 20-kilometre stretch of the MA-8301 between Estepona and Jubrique and nine kilometres on the MA-8302 between Genalguacil and the Peñas Blancas mountain pass.

Most of the works will involve replacing safety barriers, stabilising embankments, building new containing walls and reinforcing the road surface.

Francisco Salado, the president of the Diputación, has explained that these works follow on from others in the same area last year, which cost around 650,000 euros.

Two contracts are being put to tender for these repairs, one for 2,182,465.03 euros for the Estepona-Jubrique stretch of road, and the other for 948,270.66 euros for the other part of the project.

As these are mountain roads, containing walls are needed for much of the route on at least one side of the road, so that is being treated as a priority.

The fire was extremely damaging to these walls because the high temperatures meant they lost some of their protective properties and have deformed, losing their fixings in some parts. For this reason, they are to be replaced in their entirety.