A-7 reopened in both directions as forest fire in Estepona is declared 'stabilised'

A-7 reopened in both directions as forest fire in Estepona is declared 'stabilised'

The Junta's Plan Infoca brigade still has firefighting crews on the ground tackling the blaze which was declared late this Wednesday afternoon, 17 August


Wednesday, 17 August 2022, 17:56


The Junta de Andalucía's Plan Infoca brigade declared a forest fire in Estepona at 5.30pm this Wednesday afternoon, 17 August. It was some three hours later, at around 8.30pm when the experts reported the blaze was 'stabilised'. However, crews will remain on the ground through the night as they work to control and fully extinguish it.

The brigade sent three helicopters and crews of specialist firefighters to the Manzano quarry area of the Costa del Sol town. Malaga provincial fire brigade members are also in attendance.

112 Andalucía reported that the A-7 motorway was closed for a period of time in both directions at km 152, near La Gaspara, between Estepona and Sabanillas, as a result of the blaze. But the road has now reopened

In addition, the Civil Protection service also reported that Avenida José Martín Méndez, near the main road, has been closed to traffic and requested that private cars be moved aside to make way for the emergency services.

In addition to the high temperatures and dryness of the terrain, the Infoca specialists are encountering two additional difficulties. The first, the strong wind that is blowing in the area with gusts of up to 40 km/h that is carrying the smoke from the fire to the nearest inhabited areas. In addition, aircraft have to act with great caution due to the density of high-voltage power lines in the area, which makes their work very difficult.

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