One of the paintings by José Marchá donoated to Estepona. SUR
Estepona receives donation of paintings by esteemed Jaén artist José Marchá

Estepona receives donation of paintings by esteemed Jaén artist José Marchá


The works have been given to the town by collector Hillevi Hanna Sommerhalder and will form part of the collection at the Casa de Tejerinas

David Lerma

Friday, 24 February 2023, 19:24

Estepona council has announced the expansion of its artistic heritage with a donation of a series of paintings by Jaén-born artist José Marchá, an esteemed realist painter whose work forms part of important private collections.

The ten paintings have been donated to the council by art collector Hillevi Hanna Sommerhalder.

«It's an altruistic gesture because the paintings, which have been brought over from London, can now be viewed in their own space and enjoyed by everyone in Casa de las Tejerinas,» said local councillor Daniel García. «This is an artist with an impressive career whose technique is so unique that his canvases can be found in many different countries,» he added.

José Marchá, who went to Madrid at a very young age in order to develop his professional career, produces paintings in many different styles. His repertoire includes still life, life drawings, sea and landscapes and expressionist works. The painter has announced that soon he will donate one of his most recent works to the collection on display in Casa de las Tejerinas, as well as saying that the collaboration between Estepona local council and collector Sommerhalder will continue into the future with new initiatives.

In addition, the councillor said that in 2011 the town hall backed the plan to convert Casa de las Tejerinas into an exhibition space for temporary exhibits, book launches, talks and other cultural activities. The building is one of a group of others which have been reformed with the purpose of public use. Among those is the old town hall which has housed the Museum of Municipal Archeology since 2013, and where visitors can see everything from figures over 5,000 years old to vessels from the Andalusian period or cartographic documents of the 16th and 17th centuries.



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