Antonio Barrientos. / Salvador Salas

Estepona corruption trial finally starts over 14 years after the first arrest

It is 14 and a half years since the first arrest in the Estepona Town Hall corruption case


There are dozens of facts and figures related to the Astapa case - the case of alleged corruption in Estepona town hall- which are very striking, but perhaps the most alarming is the time that has passed since the first arrest: 14 and a half years.

That is the time between the detention of the town's ex-mayor, Antonio Barrientos, and Monday this week when the case began in Malaga.

Fifty people are criminally accused and twenty-three on trial with civil charges.

The trial will cover written evidence totaling over 350,000 pages with 284 witnesses. Property deals will be under scrutiny as will bank accounts in Switzerland and Andorra. The case dates back to 2003 and Barrientos maintains he is innocent.