Police officers followed a slight trail of blood and found the man 400 metres away. / sur

Two daughters help save their mother's life following frenzied knife attack in Estepona

The woman’s former partner has been arrested by police and faces an attempted murder charge


A man knew his former girlfriend’s movements and couldn't break into her apartment so he waited for her on the landing. When she arrived home from work at 8.30pm on Monday 19 December, he began to stab her with a penknife in a frenzied attack, which was only stopped when the couple’s two daughters heard the commotion, rushed out of the apartment and prevented him from continuing. The police believe the girls may have saved their mother’s life. She suffered eight stab wounds to her back.

Official sources say the couple have been separated for two years.

When the police arrived on the scene they arranged for the victim to be rushed to hospital as an emergency, and then began to search the area. They noticed a slight trail of blood on the ground, which they followed.

They discovered the man who allegedly carried out the attack 400 metres away, hiding in a ditch. He is believed to have cut his own arm with the penknife, and the officers applied a tourniquet to stem the bleeding.

He has now been arrested for attempted murder. The victim is said to be in a serious condition in hospital but is beginning to improve and her life is not thought to be in danger.