Man arrested for allegedly killing his mother in Estepona

The 61-year-old woman was found in a house in the town with multiple blows and signs of strangulation


A 26-year-old Dutch national has been arrested in Estepona after allegedly killing his mother in the town on Monday 5 December.

According to sources consulted by SUR, the man had been in Spain for about a month, after leaving his home country due to a personal problem.

He stayed with a female friend in the Cancelada area of Estepona but became so violent that his host moved out to a hotel. She alerted the young man's mother to her son's behaviour; she immediately travelled from the Netherlands, arriving on Monday.

The detainee's friend and her boyfriend picked up the woman at Malaga Airport and took her to the flat where her son was. There, both were left alone at the "express wish" of the woman, according to the provincial police station.

The girl and her boyfriend stayed in a hotel for the night. On Tuesday, they received a call from a neighbour who informed them that the door of their house was open. They tried to contact the mother and son, but there was no answer. Concerned, they returned to the flat to see what was going on.

Upon entering, they saw that the flat was in disarray. Their friend's room was also ajar, although he had placed some furniture inside to block access. They could only see, from the outside, the feet of a person lying on the floor. Terrified, they called the National Police on 091.

A patrol immediately went to the house and, after breaking through the door to the room, they found the body of the mother, who was 61 years old. She had suffered numerous injuries and signs of strangulation, the police said.

At the same time, officers from Estepona Local Police and the National Police received information that a young man was walking along the A-7 motorway in the direction of Malaga in a very agitated state. He was naked and was, apparently, masturbating.

Officers called for an ambulance to take him to hospital, where he was admitted pending a psychiatric assessment. Following his identification the man was arrested at the hospital as the alleged perpetrator of his mother's violent death.